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Jerm on Elon Musk


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Simplifying software design


Software organization is a difficult subject. Most developers agree that good code design is important, but few can consistently describe what good design is.

A lovely definition from author and software engineer Steve McConnell is: “Once you understand that all other technical goals in software are secondary to managing complexity, many design considerations become straightforward”. That’s a ‘wow’ definition for me. The essence of the problem that we grapple with – managing complexity.

Software projects have two types of complexity: inherent complexity in the problem being solved, and accidental complexity introduced by the development team through poor design, misunderstood specifications, time pressures or lack of skill in a technical field.

We should aim to eliminate all accidental complexity. Then what remains is only the problem that needs to be solved. In solving the problem

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Announcement of KRS and Honeykome partnership


Progress – a match made in digital heaven

Khanyisa Real Systems (KRS) and digital agency HoneyKome, have announced a formal collaboration designed to deliver integrated campaigns – backend and frontend – around the Progress® SitefinityTM CMS and Marketing Automation platform. The partnership successfully merges the roles of technology and marketing, providing a seamless and exciting one-stop solution for Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), Chief Technical Officers (CTOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs).

KRS, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, recently communicated its appointment as a Progress Partner+ for Progress® Sitefinity™. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, KRS was introduced to the feature rich CMS when HoneyKome was appointed as digital agency to Ashburton Investments and was looking for a software development partner that could bring its expertise to the

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Jerm on phones


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Machine learning: no longer reserved for Hollywood blockbusters


The jury is still out on whether or not Facebook really shut down an artificial intelligence (AI) experiment which, saw two robots invent their own language to communicate with each other, but the signs are clear: machine learning is no longer a far-fetched flight of fancy for Hollywood’s latest sci-fi flick.

Machine learning and AI are largely interchangeable terms among today’s tech-savvy industry players – and need to be treated with the greatest respect and understanding. Getting to the heart of both requires genuine interest in the long-term value, not shallow regard for short-term gains.

Language processing and the mimicking of human behaviour certainly has its advantages, but those involved in the advancement of this technology need to hold themselves accountable – and add far more value than Entrupy Inc’s eagerness to tell a real Louis Vuitton handbag from a knock-off, or

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Radical Data Transformation


Forget growing the economy if data is not made affordable and accessible, or if app developers continue to disrespect phone users in South Africa, says Lorraine Steyn, CEO of KRS.

There is currently a lot of buzz around ICT4D – the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As wonderful and exciting as the possibilities are of what technology can facilitate for the advancement of mankind and Africa specifically, it will all fall short if the access to this revolution, is denied to the majority.

We are simply not going to get technology advancing in Africa unless data is more accessible and more affordable. It’s a complete waste of time if nobody can afford it.

In July, we hit the streets and did a random survey of phone users, asking them how many apps they had on their phones, what kind of apps did they download and did they ever check their data usage. Since they were all contract phone

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Have you been pwned?


Over the past few years, cybercrime has become an increasingly real threat for businesses and individuals alike. From personal email and social media accounts being hacked, to huge data leaks and information theft from major corporations around the world, cybercrime is very much a part of our culture today – and it’s clear that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And, as we depend on the Internet for an increasingly large part of our daily lives, the implications of cybercrime and ‘getting pwned’ are only becoming more serious.

First things first: is ‘pwned’ even a word? What does it mean?

The term ‘pwned’ is a play on the word ‘owned’, first used in online gaming culture to refer to taking advantage of, embarrassing, or otherwise dominating an opponent. As with so many trends with their roots in Internet culture, the term started as a joke: the most common theory on its origin is

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KRS partners with Sitefinity, the Enterprise CMS


Enterprise Content Management, eCommerce and Digital Marketing all in one package

We are excited to announce that KRS has been appointed as a Progress Partner, for the SitefinityTM CMS and Digital Marketing Automation platform. The partnership agreement will see KRS offer development and support services for this feature rich, highly secure, enterprise geared Content Management System, to corporates, large-scale business operations and digital marketing agencies, across sub-Saharan Africa.

Content management is no longer solely the domain for media publishing houses, but increasingly, businesses are realising the potential of controlling their own content and the conversations that are happening online. However, while the generation of content is relatively easy to initiate, enterprises have the added requirement for stringent security to protect the platform and its content, as

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Jerm in fake news


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Staying relevant over 30 years


30 years is a long time in the Tech Industry! It’s the entire period of personal computing, from early IBM PCs to powerful mobile devices.

End of March this year, Khanyisa Real Systems will be throwing a party to celebrate 30 years as a software house. It’s a unique opportunity for a reunion of past and present staff to celebrate our 30 year journey, and the very unique KRS culture that’s held us together for so long.

KRS has faced many challenges to stay relevant over such a long period. These are generally in 3 areas: the obvious one of fast moving technology; how people’s attitudes have shifted; and business expectations and needs that are quite different to 30 years ago.

Technology Growth

KRS started with a lovely 4GL language called DataFlex in 1987, and then we moved on to Clarion and Delphi for many years. That’s a trip down memory lane – when we were writing serious

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